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I offer one to one counselling. We will work together within a professional therapeutic relationship, the fundamental basis of therapy. This relationship provides the opportunity for a safe, confidential and respectful space in which to work.  It is therefore essential that you feel comfortable with your choice of therapist, and an initial assesment is given to establish whether this type of therapy and therapist is right for you. 


The humanistic approach draws on concepts from phenomenology and existential philosophy. This means my work is based in the belief that we are all bound by what it means to be human and yet we all experience this in our own unique way. We have the freedom within us to find meaning in our lives and a deeper sense of self. 

"Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." 

Viktor E. Frankl 



Although death, loss and grief are expected aspects of all our lives, the effects of such an experience can often be profound and far more complicated than we think or perhaps hope. It can be an overwhelming experience, lonely, frightening and confusing. I believe it can also be one of life's greatest learning opportunities; albeit one we may rather not have.  Sometimes, life can be so busy that we feel there is no time to grieve, or we feel we should be 'moving on' when we are far from such a thing. There is no 'right' way to grieve but deciding on counselling will give you the time and space to reflect and help you not to forget, but to heal.    


Living with illness can be a constant pressure in your life, whether it is your own diagnosis or that of a loved one. Coming for counselling gives you the time and space to explore all aspects of how this may be effecting you. 


Anxiety is a natural human feeling that can be useful at times. However, it can become very real and frightening and for many it can become overwhelming and crippling. Through counselling you can begin to build coping strategies to help you practically in the moments of panic as well as gain a greater understanding of self. 


Changes experienced in life can be similar to grief, in that there is a loss of a before, a loss of what was normal. Whether due to changes in a relationship, family systems, health or work life we can be deeply affected and challenged by change. 

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